CT Wall Stone and Stone Walls

Looking for that natural rustic look? Connecticut (CT) Wall Stone from Earth Materials might be the the right choice for you. In the installation, shown above, we used CT Wall Stone to face the foundation. Topped with a Bluestone stone cap it provides the perfect solution for this older home in Milford, in keeping with its historic heritage.

We also do traditional CT stone walls as seen throughout Connecticut and as shown in the photos below. Built with the same methods that were used in the settlers days, our Connecticut Stone Walls will last for hundreds of years while defining your property lines, containing slopes, around a foundation or adding texture to your landscape. Produced and distributed by Earth Materials, CT Wall Stone is one of the most inexpensive natural stone products available anywhere.

Our design solutions for your landscaping are innovative, too. In a recent installation in Milford, CT we constructed a hollow wall (shown photo below) to hide the gate when not in use. This proprietary Hideaway Gate system is compact in design, beautiful and functional. This unique system allows the gate to retreat into a secondary space eleminating concerns about snow build-up. Call us for pricing.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself er or looking for complete design and installation Earth Materials is ready to assist you with a CT Wall Stone or stone of your choice. We also offer design consultation.


Note: Prices shown are subject to change without notice. Please call us to verify pricing before placing any order.

CT Wall Stone
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Penn Tumbled Stone Wall
Quartzite Thin Wall
Quartzite Thin Wall, Stone Set Face Out
Penn Field Stone Wall
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CT Wall Stone
Greay Granite Wall

Spruce Mountain Wall Stone





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