Welcome to Earth Materials. At Earth Materials we develop and assist individuals, geologists, environmentalists, developers, mineralogists and others store geospatial data and classifications for open and standardized uses. Earth Materials works towards development and use of technology including new research to assist with new digital interactions with earth materials and signatory digital materials properities.

Geo-Spatial Materials

Geo spatial material databases ranging subsurface and surface layers, properties, borings, bulk, liquid, sieve or ESG to assist with geo-location, analysis data and specimen searching, tracking and global or local commerce interaction.

Material Digital Fingerprinting

Material Digital Fingerprinting of minerals, and earth material properties to interact or become signatory and tracked. Additive & Digital Conveyance Research, Memory Storage and more. Work with us..

Renewable & Sustainable Material Design

Renewable & Sustainable Mix Design. Research and products with economic and sustainable goals from minerals to asphalt.

Crowd-Sources Materials & Experts

Earth Materials works with all stakeholders of industry to improve digital commerce, data rights, and data for material related supply chain business and ESG.