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We offer the largest Techo Bloc display in the area and the finest stone, gravel and mulch selections. We also provide guaranteed basement waterproofing and have solved drainage and septic problems in the area for over 40 years.


Natural Hand Laid Stone Driveway Pillars! Delivered & Installed $700.00 Or Just $599 Picked up. National Delivery Available. Call 203-999-4793

Get this beautiful natural stone, hand made, driveway pillar delivered and installed at your home for $700.00 anywhere in Connecticut. Choose from bluestone or granite cap. Cast Iron mailbox inserts-optional. 24'' by 48'' Natural Pre-Built Pre Made Stone Pillar

Jolly Brown Cow – Brown Mulch Blended With Composted Cow Manure

Want an environmentally friendly mulch. Green garden leader, Jolly Brown Products takes their Brown Mulch, made from natural forest products, and then adds just the right amount of composted cow manure. The composted cow manure does not contain seeds and is odor free, leaving only the natural aroma of the mulch intact. This product will be screened resulting in a fine grind.

So why should you use Jolly Brown Cow?

A weed and feed approach to mulching has been gaining attention. Homeowners and Landscapers have been mixing their own blends of mulch and compost for a few years now. Mulch to control weeds and retain moisture; compost to feed the soil and increase organic matter for improved plant growth. Results received from an analysis performed by UMASS on their Jolly Brown Cow mixture shows high nutrient values.

Earth Materials is proud to offer this new product to help make your garden "greener". Jolly Brown Cow mulch is available for $50 per yard.

Be the Envy of Your Neighbors With Your Own Custom Brick Pizza Oven or Outdoor Kitchen

The hottest trend in homes is the outdoor kitchen and custom brick pizza ovens. Earth Materials can work with you to design an outdoor space that marries the beauty of natural stone, brick, pavers and the latest applicances and grills to create the outdoor living area of your dreams.

Have plans already? Great, we offer consultation services or just materials, as well. Come into our showroom to see the quaility of our workmanship, get some ideas from our many displays or bring your plans to get started. We can put it all together for you from concept to installation.

Blow Out Specials

New Pre Built Stone Pillars / Piers – Spring Special $800 –Add a classic touch to your landscape with these gracious architectural stone pillar accents. Available in various stone types and with cap options. Installs in minutes and hollow-cored for easy electrical connections. View our gallery...

Techo Bloc Paving Stone Specials Please check out our new Blow Out Specials page for great deals on Tumbled Paving Stone, Tumbled Circle Kits as well as Non-Tumbled Paving Stone and Circle Kits and other great Techo Bloc products.



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